Cages for Fish Farming


  • Our company is now 14 years working as part of the Brazilian market.

  • We develop and manufacture cages for fish farming.

    Today we are an example of quality in tank design and manufacture in Brazil.


What are Tanques-Rede?

Tanques-rede are simply cages for fish farming. The founder of Tanques-Rede Iarema, César Iarema, an engineer, developed and designed a new type of cage. That’s practical, economical, durable, safe and lightweight.

The chosen raw material is Aluminium Oval, due to its durable and light properties. The cages have no brusque corners, therefore allows the seam to wire itself: mesh-to-mesh. The cages are also designed with double internal reinforcement.

Size of the cages

We manufacture three sizes of cages, with variations between them in height and type of wire mesh. The standard sizes are:

  • 1,00m x 1,00m x 1,00m
  • 2,00m x 2,00m x 1,70m
  • 3,00m x 3,00m x 2,00m

Product Line

Premium Line

Manufactured with Stainless Steel wire. The Premium Line of Tanques-Rede Iarema are recommended for areas where there is high risk/incidences of predators. This stainless steel wire increases security for your fish farm. It also comes in different mesh sizes.

Belgo-Bekaert Line

The cages of this line are manufactured with the consecrated galvanized wires Belgo-Bekaert, with coated PVC for high grip, mesh 19mm and wire 18.

Basic Line

Ideal for moderate investments, this line are manufactured with galvanized wire mesh Top, mesh 19mm and wire 18.


The Tanques-Rede Iarema have obtained excellent projects in the brazilian aquaculture.

In places of large volume of water, such as dams (used for hydroelectric), it’s possible to allocate up to 800 kg of tilapia fish in cages with 6m³, and up to 2.200 kg in cages with 16m³.

Removing the fish

Removal of the fish with our tanks couldnt be simpler. Anyone who has seen the removal of Tilapia fish from conventional ponds, knows how much a difficult task it is. The normal method causes much undue stress to the fish.

Our cages can be pulled to the dock or margin. The wire mesh can be suspended or the entire cage. Therefore causing no stress to the fish.


Depuration is the cut of feed to the fish for the transport and/or processing. It is necessary that the fish have a clean digestive system, otherwise they will regurgitate ammonia and die as a result. The depuration also improves the quality of the meat.

In earth ponds, the ration is part of what the fish eat. The other part is the organisms that are generated in the water (phytoplankton and zooplankton). With the cages installed in clear water, the fish depend exclusively on ration. when the feed is cut, the depuration is guaranteed, and the fish can be processed immediately.

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